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A strong partnership of proven, like-minded companies that deliver outstanding results for you.

Expert Revenue Systems was established in 1987 to develop and market highly specialized and customized automated debt recovery and collections software systems.

Sharetec has been an industry leader in the development of credit union core processing software systems since 1994, serving over 250 clients worldwide.

TabaPay has been helping financial companies disburse and collect money and fund accounts electronically since 2017, with more than 1,400 customers throughout the industry.

Twilio is helping Rocket Collector send SMS messages with unrivaled reliability. They were founded in 2008 and are responsible for sending and receiving over 66 billion messages a year.


Rocket Collector specializes in the areas of collections, debt recovery and litigation software services.

We bring together a unique blend of cutting edge technology, expert business knowledge and industry experience to provide the best software and SaaS solutions.

We are successful because we deliver flexible and efficient business solutions to our customers, always focused on:
  • Increasing quality and productivity
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Improving cash flow
  • Minimizing bad debt provision
  • Increasing profitability

We have an experienced management team supported by a team of dedicated and skilled staff members in the areas of software development, client support and business management.


Customer service and support is our top priority. In addition to our exceptional helpdesk phone and email support, you will benefit from regular communications from our trained consultants. Our team has extensive experience in debt management and will ensure that you are maximizing the full potential of our collections solutions.


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