XRS launch improved card payments functionality

It is now possible to process card payments through RMS Online. The card payment capability is fully integrated into the Credit Control workflow, giving Credit Controllers a sophisticated pay-ments tool that reduces the resources required to collect money from members.

Why use card payments in RMS Online?

✔     No need for a card terminal
✔     Schedule recurring payments that will automatically collect payments from cards
✔     No need to worry about SEPA and waiting weeks for Direct Debit recalls and returns
✔     Cheaper and more efficient than using a card terminal
✔     Fully PCI Compliant, no card details are stored
✔     Allow for payment holidays if requested by members
✔     Easily generate an authorisation template for members to sign if required
✔     Payments processed or declined instantly, no expensive charges for declined payments
✔     Funds are deposited directly into the Credit Union merchant bank account overnight

For more information or to sign up for the text message service contact us on 01 6608008 or email us at info@expertrevenuesystems.com