XRS launch text message functionality

Text messaging through RMS Online is now available to our Credit Union customers. The text messaging capability is fully integrated into the workflow, giving Credit Controllers a sophisticated texting tool that allows them to significantly improve the process of contacting members.

Why use text messaging in RMS Online?

✔     Immediate delivery: Text messages are delivered instantly, no more waiting seven days to see if letters have been delivered.
✔     Improved Response: On average, 50% of members who receive a text message respond by calling back on the same day.
✔     Cost Savings: Text messages can be used to replace a letter stage in the collections process there-by saving on paper, printing costs, postage, envelopes etc.
✔     Increased Efficiency: Traditionally, valuable time is consumed by sending text messages through mobile phones or web texts and then having to record the contact on the system. Now with text message integration, messages can be sent in seconds and are automatically recorded.
✔     Bulk Messages: Multiple texts can be sent simultaneously unlike regular mobile or web texts which are sent individually.
✔     Full Integration into the RMS Online process: Accounts are automatically progressed through the collections cycle.

For more information or to sign up for the text message service contact us on 01 6608008 or email us at info@expertrevenuesystems.com